Standard rates are $150.00 per hour for up to two anglers contact us to hear about specials and trips longer than 4hr

E N D E A V O U R S 

G O L D E N   H O U R

Reel Salty Endeavours invites you to join Captain Boxx during the most beautiful part of the day, Golden Hour. This endeavor provides a mixture of day and night fishing taking full advantage of the natural predation cycle happening below. Its fast paced action provides multiple opportunities to catch a diverse range of species throughout the trip. 

T H E   R E D   E Y E 

Embarking on this endeavor you will have the opportunity to sight fish Snook, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle and more!  Captain Boxx will skillfully navigate you from dock light to dock light drifting through the extravagant Port Royal canal ways and surrounding areas. The Red Eye also offers an opportune moment to catch fish on fly gear. During this endeavor, it is very common to have catch rates of over 20 fish per hour.

S E A   M O N S T E R

Reel Salty Endeavours invites you to fish for monsters on this adrenaline-packed trip. Each heart-pounding bend of the rod is targeted to be over 100 lbs. Grouper, Tarpon, and multiple species of shark await you on this endeavor. This trip is truly "David meets Goliath". 

P R O    E N D E A V O U R

Calling, advanced anglers! If you like accurancy, artificial lures, and stalking fish like a professional; this is your mecca. On this tournament paced trip, you will test your abilities and expertise while navigating an advanced terrain for a more difficult cast. The precision and speed utilized during this endeavor will offfer double reward in the perfect cast and perfect fish. 

E C O   T O U R 

Reel Salty Endeavours invites you to join Captain Boxx as he guides you through the vast mangrove estuaries sharing in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem. Immerse your senses in the colorful and serene backdrop that is South West Florida and her beautiful clear waters.  Observe Manatees, Dolphins, Bald Eagles, a diverse array of native birds (perfect for the avian photography lover), and loads of interactive fun for the kids! 

S U N S E T   C R U I S E

Enjoy Florida's most dazzling sunsets aboard Captain Boxx's customized boat and cruise the back bay in style. Whether you are taking in the beautiful colors as a photographer or enjoying a romantic glass of champagne with your sweetheart, a sunset cruise is the finest way to spend a Florida night. 


*Do you like exclusivity? This is the perfect opportunity to find that special hidden stretch of beach just waiting to be discovered.